We help you slow down and connect, so you can grow.


3 Questions to Change Your Meeting Conversation

Inquiry + Strategy + Awesomeness

The Center for Awesomeness guides teams and leaders to slow down and sit down to the important conversations that bring accelerated and exponential change. We bring teams together and take a closer look at the best of what was, the best of what is and the best of what could be in the business, organization, and community using Appreciative Inquiry.

Guided by three principles, we get teams to have a conversation that inevitably:

  • Improves internal communication
  • Ignites individual strengths 
  • Increases team collaboration

We focus on strengths, not problems. We don’t ignore them, but we view them through a positive lens.

We work together to identify your challenges, plan the meaningful conversations, and identify purposeful action that inspires you and your team.  

Next Generation Leadership

Proud to be Certified L.E.A.F facilitators

The L.E.A.F Training program is built around a proven approach that The Flourishing Leadership Institute (FLI) has been called upon to lead cultural transformations, strategic planning, leadership development, community building, and dramatic whole system changes.

Our methods draw from a convergence of evidence-based sciences & practices: Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Biomimicry, Sustainable Value Creation, Emotional Intelligence, Experiential Learning, Holistic Group Facilitation and more.


Nick Hemmert

Co-founder and Chief Strategist

Advocate for Possibility, Giver to Good Things and Curator of All Things Awesome.  Nick has a keen ability to navigate between disparate worlds and dive deeply into complex business opportunities. Nick is passionate about fostering the deep connection between the head and the heart through the power of questions and the challenge of action.

As Chief Strategist, Nick facilitates teams to move them from passive to active learning and designs workshops that are less about insight and more about impact.  He’s worked with teams of all sizes in small businesses, large corporations, non-profits, for profits, boards and school districts. 

He is a thought leader whose purpose is to raise the consciousness of humanity by creating the space for purposeful and intentional conversations so teams and organizations can grow exponentially. 

He is a multi-dimensional entrepreneur, technologist, Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator, Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, and a Tony Robbins Mastery University graduate (yes, he’s walked on fire several times). Originally from the beautiful state of Ohio, Nick lives in Denver, CO with his wife, Monica; five-year-old son, Griffin and two-year-old daughter, Isabel.

Monica Hemmert

Co-founder and Chief of Partnerships & Marketing

Relationship Cultivator. Avid High-Fiver and Hugger. Believer in Everyone’s Awesomeness. Monica  makes it her mission to build strong and enduring relationships, as she is truly in the P2P (people to people) business.  Paired with her warm personality is her innate ability to take vision and strategy and put it into action that gets results. 

As Chief of Partnerships & Marketing, Monica gets conversations started and creates the space for exponential growth to take place. She designs meaningful workshops that not only get teams on the same page, but also have lasting impact on the collective group. 

With 15+ years of marketing, advertising and communications expertise, Monica ensures all communications and engagements accelerate organizations’ and teams’ vision, mission and values.  She tells The Center for Awesomeness story with teams and leaders in her community and beyond so they can be a catalyst for change and growth in their organizations.  

She leads with heartfelt strength and tenacity and brings positive (but not cheesy) energy to any meeting, gathering and conversation.  She’s the CEO of the household, tackling all of life’s amazingness with Nick and the kiddos in Denver, CO.