Being Awesome Means Defying Expectations

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3 Questions to Change Your Meeting Conversations




Is Your Company Having the Right Conversations to Grow Your Business?

Your business has a powerful mission and purpose. You’re clear on where you want to go and how you want to make a difference. Yet, from where you sit, all you see are challenges and missed opportunities.

  • Your employees feel unmotivated and disconnected.
  • You’ve tried strategies and best practices, but they remain ineffective.
  • You’re losing time and money training people without seeing results.
  • You’re unsure how to maximize your team’s strengths.

You don’t need another business strategy – what you need is a different conversation.

We help Denver area companies like yours shift your conversations from “What’s wrong with our business” to “What’s working well?” and “How can we use our strengths to grow?”

The Center for Awesomeness can help you grow your business by implementing strength-based communication strategies that empower employees and teams to become key strategic partners for your company.

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What Our Customers are Saying


From inspiration to action, we facilitate conversations that focus on strength and cooperation, so you can grow leaders who will orchestrate and unlock the collective wisdom of a group to accomplish bigger goals.


Using powerful questions, process examination and solution-based inquiry, we can improve the operations of your business, reduce cost, improve training and help your systems flow.


Forward thinking, our strategic planning process can help you focus on creating new initiatives, core values or direction for your company that will help you defy awesome well into the future.

Let us help you facilitate growth through
meaningful conversations and appreciative team inquiry

The Power of Awesome

Hi, I’m Nick Hemmert – co-founder, thought partner, information systems graduate, facilitator and chief strategist at the Center for Awesomeness.

Businesses today struggle for so many reasons – mismanaged meetings, disengaged employees, lack of good communication and mounting pressures.

And while most consultants might suggest a strategic growth plan that looks at cutting costs and creating shortcuts, at The Center for Awesomeness, we employ a different approach.

We work with conscious Colorado businesses to CO-llectively improve communication, build upon the collective wisdom of your team, and create meaningful solutions so you can execute your company’s vision.  

Why the word Awesome?  Because, we focus on helping you slow down and see what you already have to move forward and defy even your own expectations:

  • Cross-relationship Skill Building
  • Strength-based Communication Tools
  • Improve Leadership & Employee-driven Initiatives
  • Long-term Business Growth & Execution
  • Cost-effective Training & Employee Retention

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Let's Start a Conversation


Powerful conversations, actionable results 

We’ll come to you and create a plan to work one-on-one with your team on a single initiative, ongoing plan or overall strategy.



Half-day or full-day workshops to help your team actively learn the skills and strategies to improve communication and work together effectively.

Off-Site Summits


Involving your entire corporate ecosystem, this strategic 2-3 day summit can guide your team to engage in better dialog, solve problems, build greater trust and develop traction quickly.

We also offer personalized plans that can include:

  • ongoing team building support (3, 6, and 12-month engagements)
  • peer learning groups
  • specific corporate initiatives
  • meetings that don’t suck

Or, what we like to call Awesomeness as an operating system.

Let us help you facilitate growth through
meaningful conversations and appreciative team inquiry

What Our Customers are Saying

Leverage Your Strengths and
Execute Your Strategies in 3 Easy Steps

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We’ll work one-on-one with your team, design a workshop or plan a summit to meet the dynamic needs of your team or organization.

Discover Awesomeness

As your team shifts to a strengths-based mindset, self-discover opportunities and execute business strategies faster.

What's My Investment?

Wasted meetings, high turnover, under-producing training sessions and ineffective strategies are all costing your business more than just time or money. When you can’t execute on your vision it becomes impossible to make a difference and achieve the mission of your business.

Bringing positive consciousness to your business leads to better decision making and team building – which leads to financial growth.  With employees who are fully invested in their job and their role within the company, you’ll find innovation in unexpected, dare we say, awesome ways.

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