We love rainbows, unicorns and sunshine, but we know life is messy. We collect the good stuff, create cool stuff and live the awesome stuff. And we bring it all to you.
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nmh.bw2The Center for Awesomeness Co-founder, Nick Hemmert, describes himself as a collector of Awesomeness. A practitioner of Awesomeness. A shopkeeper of Awesomeness. He brings his passion for personal growth and development to his business, community, family and friends. He is an Infinite Possibilities Trainer, a Tony Robbins Mastery University graduate (yes, he’s walked on fire several times), Oneness Blessing Giver, and CO.Starter Facilitator. He is currently studying to become a practitioner through the Centers for Spiritual Living. Oh and by the way he is also planning to go to ministerial school after that. Originally from the beautiful state of Ohio, Nick lives in Denver with his wife, Monica, four-year-old son, Griffin and one-year-old daughter, Iz. Nick is a consciousness strategist who’s passionate about getting people to do at least one awesome thing per day for themselves or another with our 121% Awesome model.

mlh.bw2Monica Hemmert is the Co-founder of The Center for Awesomeness and has a passion for helping people open to their greatness and create the life they want. She’s an Infinite Possibilities Trainer, a Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping Coach, a Oneness Blessing Giver, a firewalker courtesy of Tony Robbins and a member of Mile Hi Church outside Denver, Co. By day she’s a Supervisor of Project Management at a Denver advertising agency. In her breathing time, she’s a mom of an active almost three-year-old with another little one. She’s the CEO of the household, tackling all of life’s amazingness with her husband, Nick. She’s a four-star captain of wellness, a coach, a cheerleader, a friend and confidant. She is constantly working on creating the best version of herself and living life at 121% Awesome.