Morning Walk Lessons | David McIntyre – Suffering

On the morning walk today, I revisited a quote that I heard from David McIntyre, the winner of season 2 of Alone on the History Channel. He had just completed 66 days of survival on Vancouver island in Canada alone and was being boated back to the mainland, he said:


“I do have a love-hate relationship with this place. You get up in the morning and you confront the realities of your situation. Some days it’s great, some days it’s horrible. But suffering has value. We avoid it at all costs. We would never want to go back and repeat it but it has value. It’s a part of life and nobody gets through life without suffering, nobody.


Question is what do you allow it to do in you. You can allow that suffering to make you bitter, angry, just a wretched person. You know, you can allow that suffering to eat away at your soul, turn it on itself and just chew you apart or you can look for the deeper meaning it.


My philosophy on suffering is that God is trying to teach me something and I know that, I know that in the end, I get to keep those lessons and the pain goes away.”